How Can I Make a Full Backup? ( NVM JUST DELETE )

Hello Everyone

I want to start by saying that I believe this project is the future of Linux. As a newcomer to UBlue, but not new to Linux (I’m an Arch user), I’d like to share my experience with backups.

In Arch, I used Btrfs Snapper with Grub Snapper to create full backups of both my home and root directories. After customizing my system from top to bottom, I would create a backup of both home and root, and keep that backup around for future reference.

However, UBlue (specifically, Bazzite) is a different OS with a different tree structure. For instance, I installed Bazzite, which is the machine I’m writing this from, and it’s been an amazing experience. Although Mission Center is broken on Gnome ASUS NVIDIA (it keeps pushing me back to the login screen when I try to open it), I removed it and installed Resources, and it’s mostly perfect.

The point is, I want to keep a full backup of both home and root in Bazzite without losing it. The reason is that the hidden files in the home directory are crucial for customization (e.g., how you customize your browser, apps, etc.). I know I can use Btrfs Snapper or Timeshift, but that’s not the point. Using those tools would eliminate the usage of the OS tree rollback functionality, which is a key feature of this distro and not something I want to give up.

Thanks to the devs for this distro and project.

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I am interested too. I’m thinking of hopping to Fedora 40 or something in the Arch family, but there’s a lot I like about my Bluefin install. I want to be able to come running back if a new distro doesn’t work out.

Ideally I would back it up to my NAS, mounted under /mnt. Or I could delete some stuff and squeeze it onto a 256GB microSD.

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I think the only recommended way is to use Pika Backup

It came pre-installed on Bluefin and Aurora, I guess it’s the same on Bazzite

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I have a Synology NAS and just found the “Synology Drive” flatpak in the Software app. It’s backing everything up right now, but I’m not sure that could actually be used to restore a Bluefin install. It’s still a good idea to back up my files. :person_shrugging:

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