After installing Legion Go, the first startup of "Return to Gaming Mode" will result in a black screen

On the Legion GO platform, install the Buzzite3.5.0 version system and KDE desktop system. After the first installation is completed, without restarting the system, clicking “Return to Gaming Mode” will result in a black screen. After restarting the system, an update to Steam will appear, and then it will return to normal. May I ask why the black screen occurred during the first installation and how to solve it? thanks.
在Legion GO平台上安装bazzite3.5.0版本系统,KDE桌面系统,第一次安装完成后,不重启系统,点击“Return to Gaming Mode”会黑屏,重启系统后,会出现更新steam更新,然后就正常了,请问第一次为什么黑屏怎么解决?

I believe the same happened to me on the Steam Deck OLED yesterday. Fresh install of 3.5.0. Not a big deal, but it did freak me out at first.

Yes, it will be normal after rebooting. It’s great if it’s normal when clicking “Return to Gaming Mode” for the first time.

This appears to only happened to me if I don’t sign into Steam on initial setup, also happens on other systems too, I’ve had this behaviour happen on my Steam Deck, its an odd one, as the official Steam OS setup doesn’t do this, first time round I wiped the machine and did a full reinstall of Bazzite and realised I had to log into Steam first before the first system reboot.

Makes sense, I indeed hadn’t logged in because first thing I did was run updates then reboot. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever have to reinstall!