2024 GPD MINI is vertical screen in gaming mode

The 2024 GPD mini is natively landscape. After installing bazzite, the system recognizes the device as a 2023 model mini, causing the desktop to be vertical. I can adjust the desktop to normal landscape, but steam in gaming mode is still portrait screen,so how can I do with it?

I think the problem should be with this file——/usr/share/gamescope-session-plus/device-quirks.

The file where contains “GPD WIN” says:

"–force-orientation rightl "

maybe change the text into “–force-orientation normal” could solve this problem.

But this file is a read-only filesystems.

I try to use “sudo mount -o remount,rw” or “sudo chmod a+rw” or “sudo setenforce 0”, all failed.

So now the question becomes how can I modify “device-quirks” which is read-only filesystems?

Alos have issue with screen orientation on desktop and game mode

While I have the 2023 7840U GPD Win Mini and can’t afford an upgrade to the newer one, otherwise I would test, I’d recommend hitting CTRL + ALT + F4 to open a new session, login, then run ujust update and hit the Reboot option when it finishes. Apparently there have been updates recently that have fixed things on mine.