Winapps in Bazzite Portal

Repo: GitHub - winapps-org/winapps: The winapps main project, forked from

winapps allows Windows applications, running in a Windows VM, to be seamlessly integrated into Linux as if they were running natively.

I’m currently talking to a fair few people who are annoyed about the recent Windows debacle. One thing that is stopping them from switching from Windows is Microsoft Office & Adobe support.

winapps is relatively complicated to set up and I feel it would fit Ublue/Bazzite to simplify the install process and remove that barrier to entry. I think it could convince a lot more people to give Linux a try, knowing they have that crutch.

I don’t imagine it’s particularly easy considering the steps but there’s no harm in asking. If someone more knowledgeable than myself can take a look and deem if it’s possible/wanted, I don’t mind putting in the effort getting it the rest of the way. (Or creating a Github issue)


+1 on the MS Office install