What does “ujust bluefin-cli” actually do?

I have a fresh install of Bluefin-DX and I ran the “ujust bluefin-cli” command to add the “bling” to the terminal. Lots of programs appeared to be installed but after restarting the terminal (as instructed), nothing changed. I expected everything to be configured with defaults… Otherwise, what was the point to prompt the user to restart the terminal?

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Did the exact same thing 20 minutes ago and thought exactly the same?

Yeah we need to hook up all the integration still, right now it’s just installing the packages:


Thanks for the reply @j0rge . Appreciate the work everyone is doing for this project!


I’ll take full blame for this, I offered to do it but real life got in the way. On my list of things to do:

  1. Chezmoi in a Quadlet
  2. Gopass or some other signing GPG/SSH integration
  3. Do as I ssaid with the Bluefin-CLI
  4. Way down the list but important for my needs have a bootable OS (Bluefin) that uses containers/MicroVms to deploy VMMS and constrict systemd to system level. Basically something aking to cloud-hypervisor where you can install UEFI firmware direct boot and use Bluefin as a remote way to manage pfSensem application development via Firecracker/Rust VMM/Corvs on a laptop. That takes away Bluefin’s quirks and just makes it a disoable container you can blow away. Direct boot makes this possible open to ideas. The idea is to move away from needing a rack and if you’re airgapped you can still show demos. Ignore marketing names I need to figure out how to leverage Bluefin and deploy VMs with using SystemD as a way to do system things. Not emulate live environments.

Trust me without income I’m putting in 14 hour days. this “new tech” has a lot of gotchas. But I can’t make public things until June 16. I ran into the same problem with machine learning/AI … the software worked but until marketing came in made it a real hard sell. I’m not looking to make money off this except doing what I love and paying for Taco Bell. I think we need to focus on marketing without making stuff up.