Ten avenues for installing applications and binaries in Bluefin DX. LXC counts

Three days on Bluefin-DX and was able to identify nine ten eleven twelve avenues and distinct ways of installing applications and terminal binaries:

  1. OS layering,
  2. flatpak,
  3. AppImage,
  4. distrobox,
  5. Docker,
  6. Podman,
  7. Toolbox,
  8. NixOS packaging
  9. brew
  10. LXC ← added
  11. curl ← added
  12. Devbox (global) <— added

Am I missing something?

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Certain ujust scripts can install items, but I’m not sure if this counts.

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ujust (just) allowed me to switch between Bluefin and Bluewfin-DX in few seconds. Also, I found out I could install productive brew from there.

Still, I haven’t explored ujust enough to be certain that I can create a specific development environment. Maybe it does. Let’s look:

  • ujust devmode
  • ujust install brew
  • ujust install pytorch
  • ujust install tensorflow

Maybe in the near future ujust could have options to select complete development environments via devcontainer, so users don’t have to worry about it. Something such as:

  • ujust install JavaScript
  • ujust install rust
  • ujust install Python+Jupyter+conda
  • ujust install R+Quarto
  • ujust install Julia
  • ujust install Java
  • ujust install C++
  • ujust install Lisp
  • etc.

And, why not, because we can dream, complete super-sets such as:

  • ujust install Web Development
  • ujust install SQL Development
  • ujust install NoSQL Development
  • ujust install Visualization
  • ujust install Graphic Design

And on the field of Artificial Intelligence, beyond the language constraints:

  • ujust install Robotics
  • ujust install Object Recognition
  • ujust install Natural Language Processing
  • ujust install Knowledge & Expert Systems
  • ujust install Logic & Reasoning
  • ujust install Search
  • ujust install Planning and Optimization
  • ujust install Machine Learning

That is what I am after.

You missed the classic curl and pipe to bash method of installation that is popular these days… :slight_smile:

Could you illuminate us with couple of examples of bash with pipe installation?

Sure, I was referring to the style of installation where you use curl and the output is piped to a shell. Like for cargo:

curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh

Lots of projects use this style…


Haha yes, it is quite common.
However, unless you are executing inside a container, I think this way goes against the ublue/unmutable way of doing things.

Sure of course, but that wasn’t a requirement of OP’s list which already had OS layering and brew on the list.