Taskbar will pop-up when pressing keys in Geforce Now

I’m using Aurora-DX Nvidia.

When using Geforce NOW on Chrome or Edge, when I press and hold the keys(Ex: WASD), the signal will sent, but if I release the key, the taskbar will pop-up and lose window focus, what I need to do is press super key and esc to go back to browser again, and problem will still presents, which is make it unplayable, how to get rid of this? I didn’t have this problen when using stock KDE plasma.

Another fun parts, if the keys that I’m pressing isn’t reach 0, the taskbar will not pop-up.

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Did you find any solution i have exact issue on Bazzite kde plasma?

No :sob:

I post on multiple subreddit and nobody replied me, only one person like you asking me whether I find the solution

Lol… Only kinda solution i found is this

for me on Edge this only stops taskbar from pop up but still cant press keys.