Steam Deck OLED - Wifi Device Dissapeared Bug

Updated to the latest version of Bazzite as I went to sleep yesterdday (06/14/24 at about 02:00 [UTC-07:00 Arizona]). Just was winding downm for the night, booted my Steam Deck and discovered that my Steam Deck OLED was no longer able to connect to Wifi. In the taskbar the network device only showed an ethernet symbol and when I went into network settings/prefrences, it didn’t list wireless as even an option.

I’m a Linux scrub, so I didn’t know how to fix the issue but… speaking from a Windows perspective it was almost like I needed to go to “Device Manager” and re-enable my wifi device. Used “rpm-ostree rollback” command and everything went back to working though ^.^

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Appreciate the report, this issue should now be solved.