[SOLVED] Edit fstab with a live cd?


I messed up and I can’t boot into Bazzite… :worried:

I edited fstab to add my network drives (as I usually do with other distro), but I forgot to add the “noauto” option and now Bazzite is stuck at boot trying to mount these drives with the network down (and apparently, there is no time out…).

Unfortunately, grub is hidden and hitting “esc” just gives me the “minimal bash”.

Usually to fix this kind of issue I mount the root partition using a live cd, I edit fstab, and then reboot and it’s fixed BUT I’m not familiar with Fedora, as I’m a Debian guy (sorry…).

So I mounted the btrfs partition but the structure is pretty unusual for me.
I did found 2 fstab files, under /root/ostree/deploy/default/deploy/xxxx/etc/fstab and I identified the faulty one.

Now the question is: is that ok to simply edit that file and reboot?
or is there something else to do next ?

I don’t want to break the whole system …

Thanks for your advices.

EDIT: I give it a try and the answer is “yes!”. Simply modifying the faulty fstab worked! :slight_smile: