Reinstall Required?

Hey, when i install Bluefin’s latest version now, will I ever need to do the reinstall?

P.S I am talking about the Bluefin’s very first option on install list, tailored to offer chromebook like experience?

You don’t need to reinstall, it’ll upgrade automatically. See here for more information:

Hi Jorge, I am enjoying your latest offline gts iso running on Fedora 38. Thank You.

As installation process was different in gts versus Bluefin latest, will I ever need to reinstall Bluefin gts for Fedora 39, 4x, 50x Bluefin gts releases?

You won’t need to reinstall again, once you’ve set it to gts you’ll stay on whatever the -1 release of Fedora is automatically. I set all my work machines on gts.

So you’ll get upgraded to F39 when F40 comes out. What happens is on release day we update the latest and gts tags to point to the new values and then our computers will all follow along.

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