Questions about heavyweight atomic updates

I saw that the system downloads a new whole layer every day like ~2GB per day which makes a lot of daily data which could be OK at home but not while traveling, so how could we change the daily automatic updates to weekly automatic updates, that way it would use as much data as any other distro, i also think weekly updates would be enough.
Is there a way to change that ?
If yes then how to do it ?
Could it be made as default or chosen when installing the distro ?

Do a ujust toggle-updates to turn them off and on (and then you can use ujust update to do it manually if you’re on a trip or something.)

As far as weekly updates, someone would need to PR in a weekly setting into that command or something or make an adjustment to the service units.


Thank you for your answer, i will keep that command aside in case i need it.
I thought that automatic weekly updates would be more adapted by default for saving data and if someone wishes to update more often they would do it manually but as i am not a developer it is just my thought.
Thank you for your great work.

What time do updates run / is this configurable? It’s one thing if it’s pulling down data at 3am while I am asleep but a different story if it’s 3pm and I’m on a zoom call.

From Updates, Rollback, and Rebasing on Bazzite

This is how Bazzite updates but don’t know about Bluefin and Aurora.

We use ublue-update which only does the update if the load on the system is low.

Additionally, the actual timer can be adjusted with an override to slow the down the frequency of checks for updates.

Also, besides the system updates, there are several other things being updated. Brew, user distroboxes, and flatpaks are also updated automatically. Quadlets are also updated as well.

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Note that I still can’t toggle them off for some reason