Question: Kernel tick rate at 100Hz

Hello there,

on the SteamOS Github there’s a feature request to raise the Kernel tick rate of SteamOS from 300Hz to 1000Hz. Ubuntu has risen it from 250Hz to 1000Hz with 24.04. According to the issuer this would increase the responsiveness and decrease the power consumption of the system.

I checked the tick rate on my desktop PC running Bazzite, and the tick rate is 100Hz. Are there any thought about raising it?

If anyone is interested, here’s the link to the GitHub issue: Please increase the Linux kernel tick-rate from 300 Hz to 1000 Hz in order to both increase responsiveness & reduce energy consumption, similar to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS · Issue #1522 · ValveSoftware/SteamOS · GitHub

Edit: And is there a way to set it by hand? I’m not very familiar with Atomic Linux yet.