Problems using Nvidia graphics cards

Are you using secure boot? Presumably yes–if so did you enroll your mok? It would have been a prompt presented from your bios on the first reboot after installing bazzite.

My guess is that you just continued to boot rather than enrolling the mok, which prevents a bunch of kernel modules from loading. I believe there’s a ujust command to resolve it. I’ve not done this myself, so no promises, but try:

  1. Open up a terminal (ctrl + alt + t)

  2. run ujust (I think? I recall it being different on bazzite, I’m using Aurora atm, so for me it’s actually ujust-choose)

  3. select the option that looks something akin to “enroll-secure-boot-key” (again, I’m on Aurora so it might be named slightly differently)

  4. Reboot

If you’re asked for a secureboot password at some point I think it defaults to “ublue-os”

Generally you want to make sure you’ve followed all the steps here: Bazzite Inital Setup and Installation for General Desktop and Laptop Hardware