Bazzite-nvidia 2024-01-21 boots to black screen (secure boot disabled)

I had a fresh bazzite install from last week, installing from Kionite and rebasing to signed bazzite-nvidia.
Yesterday after an update the system boots to black screen. I checked the steps for secure boot, but it was already disabled. I followed the steps anyway and enabled it, but didn´t solve the issue.

Ended up making a fresh install using 2.2.0 release (UEFI mode, secure boot still disabled). First boot shows initramfs, then switches to black. Rebooting after that leads to black screen directly. Shift-Alt-F4 does nothing, but Ctrl-Alt-Del shows the shutdown screen (with bazzite logo in the middle) and reboots.

Tried rebooting to terminal by adding ´single´ to the grub command to attempt to configure nvidia (ujust configure-nvidia) but it shows no change happened.

I haven´t seen anybody else with this issue on this forum, and I am out of ideas. The only thing I can consider is to go to terminal from grub again and try to upgrade to a testing branch or to an older release, but “just disable-updates” didn´t work, so I’ll have to search for the pinned version on grub all the time for the time being.

error: Justfile does not contain recipe `disable-updates`.

Any suggestion? Anything to try or wait and see?