New to bluefin - how to install anything natively

hi all

new to bluefin and have no idea how to install google chrome natively, question is, how please

PS also want to install lolcat and fortune for konsole/terminal

brew install fortune lolcat will get you those apps, for chrome open the software center and search for chrome and click the install bottom on the top right:


how to do the following:
wget && sudo dnf install "$PWD/megasync-Fedora_39.x86_64.rpm"

the process is infuriatingly SLOW

We don’t use dnf to install apps on Bluefin. Have you tried to get it in software store application? MegaSync exists here as far as I can tell:

Or, here: Install MEGAsync on Linux | Flathub

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Thank-you for your feed back

Unfortunately, a small handfull of flatpak apps are some what, buggy and in this case, megasync is one of them.

What other useful features or additions bluefin has to install various packages:

  • ujust
  • homebrew?
  • ?
  • ?

You can try using BoxBuddy and Distrobox to install app inside container and then export it from here. If it doesn’t work for MEGASync, standard Silverblue rpm-ostree install command can be used too instead of dnf, but, from what I’ve heard, using rpm-ostree is a somewhat difficult way to manage software on atomic fedora.