Installing Bluefin onto a Framework Laptop 13 AMD/Intel

  1. Start by downloading the Framework Laptop image of Project Bluefin. Make sure you select Intel or AMD depending on the mainboard in your device:

  1. Create a USB stick using Fedora Media Writer (Windows or Mac or Linux)
  • Insert your USB drive (8GB or larger). Note that it will be reformatted, so make sure you are ok with erasing any data that is on it.
  • After installing Fedora Media Writer, run it. Choose Select .iso file, browse to bluefin-gts.iso and select it.
  • Click the Write button.
  • Once the USB drive creation is complete, you can click Finish, close Fedora Media Writer, eject your USB drive.
  1. Booting to the Bluefin USB
  • Insert the USB drive into your powered off Framework Laptop 13, and then power on. If you have an existing OS installed on the Storage drive in your laptop, immediately after the power light comes on begin rapidly tapping (continuously ) the F12 key - you must begin tapping well before you see the Framework logo.
  • Select Linpus lite (General UDisk) with your arrow keys. Enter key.
  • Next select Install Bluefin. Hit the enter key.
  • Select the keyboard language you’d like to use. On the next screen, click on the Installation Destination button to choose the disk.
  • If there is an OS already installed on the target drive, you’ll need to follow the guided steps to delete the existing partitions.
  • Click Finish Installation and then reboot into your new Bluefin install!


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Just a heads-up, the numbering here goes from 1 to 3 (skips 2). Also, it may be helpful to have a separate section for people who already have an atomic build and just want to rebase to the framework laptop image. The Bazzite installation page already provides such instruction, by the way, so for consistency it may be a good idea to do the same for Bazzite and Aurora.

As far as I know, there is no need for the “Framework image” anymore, everything is implemented in the “main ISOs”.

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As things can shift with new hardware in the future, we may see this stick around. But I’ll sync with Jorge to determine where this lands.

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