If you're having problems with `just`, do an update

In Universal Blue images we use the just tool as our command runner. This is useful for things like workarounds and stuff. We’re heavy users of the include subcommand, which needed an --unstable flag to support, almost since the beginning of the project. Just upstream development has really sprinted lately and the feature is now in mainline, but it’s called import now instead of include and no longer unstable.

Important Update

The just command will be just -l or ujust for the foreseeable future as the new version has some complex interactions that will take some investigation.

Normal commands work, so just update etc. will work like before, this only changes the just command without arguments.

Original Message

We had planned for this but missed a few places where we were using Just, so you might end up with a just error, something like:

❯ just
error: Failed to read justfile at `/usr/share/ublue-os/just/$(basename ${justfile})`: No such file or directory (os error 2)

If you get this do an rpm-ostree update to get on the latest image, and then reboot. There’s a good chance most of you will not see this but just a heads up. This was a onetime upgrade and we are only using stable features in just now, so we should be good to go. (Until next time, haha)

Also thanks to Aleksei Bavshin, the Fedora just maintainer for the heads up. Much love!

Here’s more docs on how we use Just here:



Note, the recipes are working, but just by itself isn’t working, you can workaround by doing a just -l while we sort the issue, thanks for your patience!


I’ve added this to my zshrc for now:

just () {
  if [[ $# -gt 0 ]]; then
    /usr/bin/just "$@"
    /usr/bin/just -l