On updating Ublue during the update outage

Hi, I have been using Ublue for several months now, and this has been one of the best experiences I have ever had with linux desktop, and has single-handedly stopped me from distro-hopping all over the place

Now, I manually update fairly regularly, at-least 2-3 times a week. And if my failing memory does not serve me wrong (it might), I was able to ujust update during the outage. It was only yesterday ujust failed on me with the error message. So I was just wondering how I was able to update (Or maybe not, the last week is actually kind of a blur to my mind right now) during this time.

Uh, I did do the script fix for the update, so everything works well now.
I’m sorry if this post seems a little weird, just wanted to know how it was possible (if it was) during this time.

Again, sorry for the post sounding weird, and I hope to all those reading have a good day, thank you.


Same here, why look elsewhere when it works well out of the box and doesn’t break.

Thank you for the reply! Yeah, Ublue has been amazing, really glad I was able to get into it just as it first released. Though, do you think it was weird/possible I was able to update during the outage? maybe it was something leftover?

I have no idea about that.

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Maybe you are on a unsigned image? With signed ones you would have hit the key-signing error during last week.

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Oh man. Take this as the ramblings of a old man, I forgot to literally check my logs to see my upgrade history, rpm-ostree ex history and journalctl --list-boots.

And you know what? I did not upgrade during that time. Silly me, huh. You, know I should stop being so paranoid.

Anyway, thank you or the reply and have a good day.

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