HDMI Audio Lag after upgrading to Bazzite 3.0


I recently updated to Bazzite 3.0 (Fedora 40) and encountered an issue with audio lag when connecting my AMD 6700XT GPU to a BenQ monitor via HDMI. The audio has a 3-4 second delay because the HDMI connection goes to sleep after 5 seconds.

Previously, I could fix this by editing the wireplumber Lua configuration file and changing the “session.suspend-timeout-seconds” value to a higher value or 0. However, with Bazzite 3.0, wireplumber now uses JSON configurations, and my attempts to rewrite the configuration in JSON have been unsuccessful.

I’m seeking assistance in properly modifying the JSON configuration to increase or disable the suspend timeout for the HDMI audio connection, similar to the previous Lua configuration:

["session.suspend-timeout-seconds"] = 0

My current attempt to modify the JSON configuration is as follows:

node.session.suspend-timeout-seconds = {
    description = "Increase or decrease suspend timeout in milliseconds"
    type = "int"
    default = 3600
    min = 3600
    max = 3600

Any help would be appreciated.