Framerate cap issue after 3.5 update

Hi, I’ve been experiencing some weird issues after I updated my Bazzite to 3.5, I’m not sure how to exactly describe the problem but it seems like screen tearing doesn’t work with full screen apps? I have tried Minecraft bedrock edition where normally before this update my framerates are usually in the upper 400s (i have vsync disabled) but after this my framerate is stuck around 165fps, and When I tried steam games running under proton (here I tested among us and various other games with vsync disabled) I get capped to 60fps this time around. I have looked around online but to see no results. I have disabled GSP firmware (didn’t work) and I have tried rolling back to an update prior and everything seems alright there. I suspect this might have to do with Nvidia 555 drivers. Can anyone help? Here are my specs if they are relevant:

Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 165hz
Intel i7 12700h
RTX 3060m
I’m using KDE also.