Feature Requests and Issues

Hi, I couldn’t find a spot for feature requests and issues?

I am also only a windows user and so steamdeck and bazzite are my first interactions with linux so if these are already available, would love to know!

Im having trouble with the suspend system option as when it is pressed, it just boots the system back up and into bazzite.

A rest mode like xbox and playstation for background downloads. Not sure if even possbile really.

In rest mode the ability to wake the system up to allow local file transfer to a pc on the network and to put it back into restmode after that. (Or all that in restmode ideally)

A way to wake the system from ‘sleep/ rest mode’ with the press of a controller button. (Tried with solutions already out there with my xbox wireless adapter to no avail, MB doesnt have wake on bluetooth but has WoL and WoUSB.)

-Ideally im trying to make a HTPC that is very console inspired, that I use for streaming with sunshine to my steam deck and is like my game database/ NAS for my downloaded games and updates to be distributed to my other systems when theyre on-

-So far loving the project and how far along it’s come! Honestly would donate for these support features!


It’d like a rest mode to, but I don’t know if it is possible. I’ve thought of a possible solution the devs can implement: In desktop mode (on Gnome) we have the ‘Power Saver’ mode. Can’t we use something like a ‘Super power saver’ which disabled most cores (maybe keep just one/two working) and all connections but WiFi/Lan. Let is also adjust the fan curves to as silent as possible/or completely off and turn off the screen. The gpu shouldn’t work hard either, but that works automatically I think? Then add another option to the power menu which you call something like ‘Sleep download’ which enabled the power mode or make it an option to change the default sleep mode to this mode.

power saving is done by Power Profiles Dameon and may return to TuneD if we find any advantages over the current method which is already done by Fedora, so what you’re asking is mostly an upstream question. Desktop environments and Fedora usually dictate power management.

As for the ‘sleep download’ feature, that’s usually not a feature built-in to most x86_64 hardware that isn’t a console like a Xbox/Playstation.

First of all, welcome! Second, feature requests and issues for Linux projects are generally done via their git repo, in this case: Issues · ublue-os/bazzite · GitHub (we use Issues for both bugs and requests).

If you really really want/need eyes on your issues/requests, then you can post it on the git repo, then link to it on both the project’s forum (this site) and chat (often Discord). If it’s not pressing or more of a wishlist kind of thing, then I personally would just put it on the git repo, enable email notifications to it, and move on.

Oh, do search for existing issues/requests first, though. If you find an existing issue, no point in making a duplicate - just enable email subscription to it, and maybe put in a message that it’s still an issue for you (and why it’s still an issue) IF the issue has lied dormant for a while.