External GPU Enclosure Causing Freeze On Login Screen

I’m trying to support someone online in using Bazzite. I’ll provide as much information as I can.

They recently installed Bazzite on their Alienware Laptop and are attempting to use an eGPU with it (Alienware Graphics Amplifier with a GTX 2070). This is causing Bazzite to freeze on the login screen.

The enclosure itself doesn’t use USB-C it uses its own proprietary connector, however it supposedly works on other distros, such as Ubuntu.

  • The laptop logs in correctly without the eGPU attached.
  • They have also tried all-ways-egpu but again it just freezes on the login screen.
  • Attaching the eGPU after logging in doesn’t do anything.

The Bazzite install is KDE + NVidia drivers and they’re on Wayland.

Any ideas or known issues?

This is a related issue I found on reddit.

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Have you tried booting with pci=nommconf?