Bazzite freezes with eGPU

I got Bazzite Gnome installed on my Legion Go. When I connect an eGPU and I’m clicking on anything or try to drag a windows, the computer completely freezes, only a hard reboot solves it.

I’m using Gnome because it has a virtual keyboard I can use with a mouse on external display.

The funny thing is, my eGPU was working perfectly on the KDE version of the same OS…

Are you using all-ways-egpu script for setting up egpu?

I didn’t have to use anything on KDE so I have no idea what to do

According to my experience KDE has better hotplug support but using all-ways-egpu script with method 2+3 or method 1 is delivering better performance under KDE. Regarding Gnome itself I was never able to get egpu running without using that script (last time I checked was 2023 honestly). In case you are interested you can check it out here and here. You need to use the immutable filesystem setup method but this breaks method 1 (method 2+3 is fine honestly). In case you really want to use method 1 you need to add a policy file as explained on github but this is overwritten on every bazzite update. You can layer a selfcreated package. I can explain you how if needed.
I requested to add an ujust command here on bazzite’s github but it’s still to discussed.