Decky loader behavior in Bazzite

Switched from ChimeraOS to Bazzite today and after installing Decky Loader I noticed some odd behavior. Specifically, if I turn off my WiFi and restart my device (AYN Loki Max) decky loader disappears and is missing from the quick menu. Turning my WiFi back on cause Decky to reappear in my menu.

Any solutions for this? I tried a clean install of Bazzite and the pre-release decky loader and the issue persists. Makes it hard to want to travel with the device as I wont have access to simpledeckyTDP while say on a long flight. I would appreciate any help!

I’ve been trying a bit to figure out a solution for this, too. I think Decky Loader requires a network connection when it starts, just because of how it works. Doesn’t need internet access, just a network connection with an IP address.

A possible solution I’ve thought of, but haven’t figured out the implementation details yet, is to have a virtual network interface with a static IP address that is always available and is not connected to any real network.

For now as a workaround, I just turn on the mobile hotspot on my phone then shut off mobile data, so I’ve got an internet-less wifi connection that doesn’t use my mobile data balance, and then let my device connect to that so Decky Loader can initialize. Afterward I turn my wifi and mobile hotspot back off (and mobile data back on). Probably couldn’t do this on a flight, though. However, if they’ve got wifi on the flight, as long as you can connect to the wifi even if you don’t get internet access through it (no need to log in to their service or pay for internet, if applicable, as long as you can just make the connection), it should make Decky Loader work.

Hmm, I didn’t realize this was common decky loader behavior. I suppose I never noticed until I went traveling with my Loki and couldn’t access TDP controls on my 6 hour flight.

I like the idea of a virtual network - I will have to play around with that. Hot Spotting works but I wish there was a standalone solution not requiring anything outside of my device. Ty for reply.

Edit: posted this on wrong account! Oh well, doesn’t really matter.

If you do get some working setup figured out, please do share.