Bluefin Hard Locking

Am I the only one having issues with Bluefin hard locking up every couple days? It seems to happen randomly and requires me to hold power to power off the box.

As much as I’ve been loving Bluefin for the past couple weeks the seemingly random hard locking while I’m in the middle of working is getting very painful.

  • bluefin-dx-nvidia
  • Intel 11th gen i9
  • Nvidia RTX 3070
  • 64GB RAM
  • Running xorg (no Wayland until new nvidia drivers drop)

The last time it locked up I was running a couple web browsers, a couple Electron apps (for Teams and Outlook), a Distrobox container and Podman container for MariaDB.

I’m running the latest update according to ujust update

One week update to this in case anyone is interested or has a similar issue.

I was using Waterfox (privacy-centric version of Firefox) as my primary browser that I installed from flatpak. I switched to Ungoogled Chromium soon after posting this. I haven’t had a single freeze/lockup since switching away from Waterfox.

It could be a coincidence but that’s the only major software change I’ve made and the system has now been running stable all week (fingers crossed).

Whatever it was I’m just relieved that it’s no longer an issue.

I’m going to leave this post open for another week or so just in case it starts happening again and if not I’ll close it.

What do you mean by

hard locking up


I never had that apparently

The entire system freezes. The mouse doesn’t move. Trying to switch to another console with control-alt-# doesn’t work. Any audio currently running freezes in an audio loop.

I have to hold the power button on the machine to force power it down.