Bazzite Desktop Environment Tweaks

Customizing KDE Plasma

KDE Plasma is the default Bazzite desktop environment and is highly customizable. One of the various customization that can be done is installing custom styles, cursors, and icons to your system with custom themes made by the community.

Do not install themes with the built-in KDE system settings installer since it may not install properly because the filesystem is slightly different than most Linux operating systems. Install themes manually into your Home directory and follow instructions from the author if necessary.


Universal instructions for most custom themes

  1. Download the theme manually from the KDE Store
  2. Extract the contents to ~/.local/share/plasma/ (you may need to make this directory)
    2a. “Global themes” are placed in ~/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/ (you may need to make this directory)
    2b. “Plasma themes” are placed in ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ (you may need to make this directory)
    2c. SDDM themes are placed in /etc/sddm/themes (you may need to make this directory)
    2d. “Icon/Cursor themes” are placed in ~/.icons
    2da. Some Flatpaks need filesystem permissions for applications that have issues with cursor themes (~/.icons/:ro in “Filesystem” in each problematic application or globally in Flatseal)
  3. Open system settings and select your theme, style, cursor, etc. as it now should appear

Themes that require kvantum

Some themes require kvantum to be installed on the host system.

A fantastic resource on KDE themes can be found here for more information.

Wallpaper Engine Guide (Only on KDE images)

Note: Not all wallpapers are compatible and may even cause issues since most are not intended for use on the Linux desktop.

Wallpaper Engine is a live wallpaper application intended for Windows.

Read this guide on how to set it up on KDE Plasma.

Manage GNOME Extensions

View the Bluefin documentation since most of the information will be relevant to Bazzite as well.

Steam Gaming Mode Tweaks

View the Steam Gaming Mode Overview documentation.

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