Deck won't turn off screen by time set

Hi all,
After installing the OS with Gnome desktop on the Steam Deck, i noticed that the device won’t turn off the screen by timeout set on power management settings or Game Mode settings.

Eventually goes into suspend after the time set but the screen remains on before this event. Example: screen off time is 1 min and suspended on 15 min but the screen is ON for 15 min.

At the beginning, there was a notification about the screen lock disable, is related to the issue?

Any ideas on how to solve it?

What is the Steam Deck model? LCD/OLED and storage?

It’s a LCD Model with 64 Gb EMMC (Updated to 1 TB SSD now)

Ah okay. I was curious if it was the OLED model or an unupgraded 64GB model. That should be supported. I would see if your issue on Github gets any responses in the coming days or someone responds here. You may have to manually suspend it by pressing the button unfortunately.

Yes, it’s working well with exception of this annoying bug. I guess i can use the suspend button but the screen will be wearing out when i need to download an large game.

I remember to see a similar issue on Github but there isn’t information about the solution and it was closed without that.