Bazzite Buzz #13



Handheld users (ASUS ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, etc.) who rebased to older builds (like a build from February 2024 for the suspend issue in particular) can rebase back to the Stable channel now by entering the specific command in a host terminal that applies to your hardware and setup:

Existing ASUS ROG Ally Users

KDE Plasma

rpm-ostree rebase


rpm-ostree rebase

Existing Lenovo Legion Go or Other Handheld Users

KDE Plasma

rpm-ostree rebase


rpm-ostree rebase


Bazzite is a custom image of Fedora Atomic Linux 39 utilizing Universal Blue’s custom image framework designed to bring users the best in Linux gaming for their PCs, including the Steam Deck and other handhelds. Bazzite’s newsletters highlight all of the work we have been doing to bring our users the best features ready to go for their PCs, home theater setups, and handheld gaming devices.

If you are new to the project, then here’s how this technology works. Bazzite and other Universal Blue images follow the continuous delivery methodology of development, which means we’re constantly adding new features and squashing bugs to the image through updates. These updates also include anything directly from upstream (Fedora and Universal Blue) and upgrades from the packages we include. This newsletter is intended to inform current users what has changed since the last Buzz.

Today’s newsletter is fairly short as we prep for the Fedora 40 builds. A reminder that when Fedora 40 builds go live, no manual intervention will have to be done outside of updating your system, and on desktop images, this will happen automatically in a system update. However, there are still important highlights to cover that occurred within the last month.

Bazzite at SCaLE 21x

A few of the Bazzite maintainers went to the Southern California Linux Expo 21x in Pasadena, California. They gave away stickers and metal case badges while showing off Bazzite and Bluefin. We utilized this convention to promote Universal Blue images and show other enthusiasts the potential for them. It was also utilized to have a good time surrounded by others who enjoy the same geeky hobby as well. :slight_smile:

Shout out to the free software vending machine. Buying a “drink” would give you a receipt that contains a code to a virtual machine of your chosen flavor. This scenario will only happen at a Linux convention.

More ASUS ROG Ally & Lenovo Legion Go Improvements

Suspend Issues Resolved (for the most part)

Users should expect a better experience! Suspend issues should now be fixed for the Ally and Legion Go! sleeping. There’s still a chance that suspend issues may occur, but it should be less common. The 6.7 Linux kernel is known to have sporadic issues with this.

New Overlay for Handheld Hardware


HHD-UI now has a overlay that can be displayed over Steam by double tapping or holding the QAM button (or equivalent on your handheld device.) This overlay gives you access to specific settings for your Lenovo Legion Go and ASUS ROG Ally like adjusting TDP and fan curves. This also gives the Lenovo Legion Go access to specific controller functionality like gyro. Other handheld devices are planned to be supported soon.

Read more about HHD for supported devices and workarounds for specific device quirks.

CoolerControl Added

CoolerControl is useful for controlling fans that it supports. Please note that this depends on the specific hardware that are you using.

CoolerControl can be installed with this command:

ujust install-coolercontrol

Survey Results

We released another survey earlier this year to get a glimpse of the average user experience for Bazzite. A total of 73 participants have submitted their feedback.

Most Popular Responses:

Note: This may not be an accurate representation of Bazzite statistics since the survey was optional.

Use-case Desktop Environment Hardware
Desktop KDE Plasma AMD for both CPU/GPU
  • Most users reported using a ujust command previously
  • About half of the participants reported using container environments (Distrobox/Toolbx)
  • A handful of users have responded to using either virtualization and/or dual booting
  • Moonlight/Sunshine is the most popular method for remote play
  • Epic Games Launcher and GOG were the two most popular PC gaming services used outside of Steam
  • All but 5 participants chose that their Bazzite experience was either “good” or “great” with the remaining 5 reporting a “mixed” experience.

We also read the feedback participants responded in regards on what they want to see for the future of Bazzite. Some of the feedback can be found in this thread.

Thank you to all of the individuals who have participated in this survey.

Universal Blue News

Most of the changes and fixes that landed in Bazzite this month were fixes or smaller enhancements. There is major changes in the works like rewriting the Bazzite Portal application, and in addition, installer tweaks that are in development. There are also ideas and prototypes for offline documentation that comes pre-installed with Bazzite, a graphical user interface for managing OSTree, and additional useful ujust scripts.

All of the planned new additions are for the future, so this newsletter will continue on and cover general Universal Blue news.

Redesigned Universal Blue Website

The Universal Blue website had a much needed makeover. It has been completely redesigned with a better explanation about our images and our goals. There is now a showcase of our images, metrics for each major part of the project, and every webpage there should be functional. The lead maintainer of Bazzite designed this website.

Website URL:


Bluefin is now feature complete and is set to release out of beta soon! Bluefin is our sister project and is an official image from Universal Blue. We share a similar vision with Bluefin. The Bluefin maintainers and contributors have a focus on developers in particular, but Bluefin can be used by anyone who wants a nearly maintenance-free desktop Linux experience. Keep an eye out for a new KDE variant that may come soon too.

10 Million Pulls for All Universal Blue Images!


This particular Buzz is only a monthly check-up on the project. There has also been new contributors who have stepped up this month to work on improving aspects of Bazzite and we are grateful for that.

We are heading towards Bazzite 3.0 now! We have a plethora of changes in the works as mentioned earlier in the newsletter, but for now our focus is on preparing Fedora 40 builds. Fedora 40 builds will upgrade to KDE Plasma 6 and GNOME 46 for each desktop environment respectively.

Upgrading Bazzite

Current users can upgrade to the newest builds by updating their system and rebooting. User-installed applications will also be upgraded in the process. Updating may take a while and is dependent on your internet download speed and the performance of the drive Bazzite is installed on.

Desktop Images

Desktop images usually auto-update once per day and apply on a reboot, but if you are impatient and want the update now, then open the new System Update tool.

Alternatively, open the terminal and enter:

ujust update

Wait for it to finish, then reboot to be on the latest Bazzite build.

Handheld/HTPC Images

In Gaming Mode, open:
Steam Menu > Settings > System and press the Check for updates button.

Alternatively, use the steps above for “Desktop Images” in Desktop Mode.

Installing Bazzite

New to the project? Read our FAQ before proceeding. Read the documentation regarding handhelds and HTPC setups if you plan to use Gaming Mode with Bazzite.

Install the latest Bazzite here. Read our installation guide on how to install Bazzite properly on your device.

Community Resources

Bazzite Changelog

(since the last Bazzite Buzz)

Desktop Images


  • All of the new additions from upstream Fedora Atomic that apply
  • Updated to Nvidia’s proprietary 550 drivers
  • Cleanup and standardization of ujust commands
    • Included more options for virtualization
  • Added “short” changelogs for Bazzite
    • View them by entering this command in a host terminal: ujust changelog
    • We plan to expand this down the line
      • Attempting to connect it to Gaming Mode
  • Added ujust command to install CoolerControl
    • GUI for controlling fan speeds on a wide array of hardware
  • Include Filelight on KDE images
  • LACT will now automatically update when the system does on AMD/Intel images
  • Updated Pipewire to 1.0.4
  • Added option to add user to libvirt group for virtualization users in ujust
  • Updated Discover Overlay to 0.7.1
  • Added MOTD message from Hit Save
    • Video game preservation non-profit
  • Virtualization is now working properly for Steam Deck hardware
    • IOMMU will remain unsupported
  • Added HP Envy laptop to rotation fix script
  • Added udica for generating SELinux policies for containers
  • Added gitattributes from secureblue
  • Updated recipe to edit tuned default profile using ppd.conf


  • All of the fixes from upstream Fedora Atomic that apply
  • Fixed a broken link in the MOTD
  • Fixed issues with Distrobox
  • Drop rmlint due to being problematic
    • May reintroduce as a ujust command later if desired
  • Fixed Konsole not restoring with the proper ujust command on KDE images
  • Corrected missing steamos-add-to-steam executable in KDE Desktop images
  • Custom initramfs arguments will actually now be applied
  • Always reboot at the end of bazzite-hardware-setup
    • potentially fixes frozen screen that makes kargs appear to take an infinite amount of time
  • Restore lsb_release package for EmuDeck
  • Fixed kernel package mismatch, these are installed by System76-Scheduler’s dependencies
  • Removed unneeded file checks from hardware setup
  • Pulled in some more System76 Scheduler fixes
  • Removed Yuzu and Citra from the Bazzite Portal

Handheld/HTPC Images


  • All of the new additions from the Desktop images that apply
  • Added HHD-UI
  • Rotation and scaling fixes for specific handhelds
  • Updated HDR patch
  • Added auto-vram kargs for Legion GO and ASUS Ally


  • All of the fixes from the Desktop images that apply
  • Fixed suspend issues on ASUS ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go
  • Fixed issues some users were facing with updates
  • Corrected display orientation for GPD Win Max 2
  • Fixed issues with Bazzite branches in Gaming Mode
  • Fixed TDP issues with multiple handhelds
  • Restart the sunshine service automatically when entering Gaming Mode


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I liked a lot the image but I had to go back to windows to use properly my oculink EGPU (RX 6950 XT)

I think on Bazzite I was seeing a black screen after linux load when plugged to the iGPU and on ChimeraOS I had HDMI audio issues on the eGPU…

This black screen is fixed? I use an GPD Win 4 (7840u)

I want to use Linux but right now I’m using Windows for the eGPU support

1 Like

There may be some Linux distros that feature support for your eGPU, unless of course, Bazzite would otherwise meet your needs. :slight_smile: