A W for Bazzite (JSJoust on Steam Deck)

Thanks to Bazzite I was finally able to get not only SportsFriends, but more specifically JSJoust working on my Steam Deck OLED! (new update claps BTW, installed on my OLED w/o issue). SportsFriends wouldn’t boot in handheld mode on SteamOS, but runs w/o issue on Bazzite. Plus getting PSMove controllers paired was impossible to my understanding, but in Bazzite I was able to pair all 7 PS Move controllers! Having this on Steam Deck is so sick though, excited to be able to easily lug this around and just set it up at parties and for my youth group ^.^

Made a guide on Steam: Steam Community :: Guide :: JSJoust on the Steam Deck w Bazzite!

PS - Had a hell of a time figuring out how to get my SD card connected (ended up being super simple and didn’t need to use Konsole! RIP but it took me awhile to figure it out and I almost gave up on Bazzite b/c of it). I think the form would benifit from a simple guide… especially b/c BTRFS was foreign to me and I couldn’t find any help online. I’ll try and make a guide if nobody beats me to the punch.

Random Bug - On the OLED I did encounter a bug when pairing multiple PS Move controllers while in dekstop mode, where it disabled my audio device. To fix it I resarted and had to go to handheld mode where switched audio device from “auto_null” to “Default (auto_null)”. Then switched to Desktop mode and went to Sound System Settings and changed ‘ACP/ACP3X/ACP6x Audio Coprocessor’ from “off” to “SOF Cangogh”… FIXED! :slight_smile: (w/o going into handheld mode and making the change first, “SOF Cangogh” isn’t even an option)

THANK YOU SO MUCH DEVS!!! W/ Bazzite using Fedora for the desktop, it added “libusb” to SteamOS making this possible! So thankful God bless ya’ll and keep up the dope work!!! :metal: