Uninstall scripts with Ujust and removing unneccessary apps

Hi all!

I’ve been trying to figure out the right way to uninstall apps added through ujust. I tried app image removals, but it seem really imprecise guessing which folders to delete. I am now getting update errors presumably because I haven’t removed them properly.

Update errors:
Packages not found: coolercontrol, sunshine

There also seems to be a lot of unnecessary apps included in the image. I
don’t see an easy way to customize and have a ‘minimalist’ experience outside of using the menu editor to hide them. There must be an easier way of getting rid of some of the bloat beyond just sweeping them all under the proverbial rug.

Thanks for your help!

I dont know about easy way but you propably would want to build your own image.

rpm-ostree uninstall sunshine
rpm-ostree uninstall coolercontrol

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