Rename "Aurora" to "Bluefin KDE" and "Aurora-DX" to "Bluefin-DX KDE"

I think the naming is a mess, and most things can be done post-first-boot, aka “onboarding”.

I would rather understand “uBlue GNOME” and “uBlue KDE Workstation” than “Aurora DX”. What’s DX? DirectX? Comes with it?

This is my approach:

uBlue GNOME Workstation                                     
  │     │       │                                           
  │     │       └─► Edition
  │     │                                                   
  │     └─► Desktop manager                         
  └─► Distribution name                                     

What editions are? Well, you have:

  • Desktop: The close-to-vanilla experience, no fancy apps but enough to work anywhere.
  • Workstation: The developer experience, aka “dx”, with some additional tools.
  • Gaming: What’s known as Bazzite.

For example:

  • uBlue KDE Gaming
  • uBlue GNOME Workstation
  • uBlue GNOME Desktop

Problem solved.