'ptyxis --new-window` installs ubuntu-toolbox if bluefin-cli is not available


Really enjoying Bluefin so far, and as I’m getting used to Ptyxis and distrobox I wanted to see what happens if I started Ptyxis without any containers. Starting it with a separate profile such as ubuntu fails, as it should. But running ptyxis --new-window using the Ctrl-Alt-Enter shortcut results in Ptyxis installing a new ubuntu container as bluefin-cli:

Error: no such container bluefin-cli
Creating the container bluefin-cli
Trying to pull ghcr.io/ublue-os/ubuntu-toolbox:latest...
Getting image source signatures
Checking if image destination supports signatures
Copying blob bdf38f308ac9 skipped: already exists  
Copying blob 00414d36669e skipped: already exists  
Copying blob eb84c4a06bea skipped: already exists  
Copying config 68f4e85383 done   | 
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures
Creating 'bluefin-cli' using image ghcr.io/ublue-os/ubuntu-toolbox:latest	 [ OK ]
Distrobox 'bluefin-cli' successfully created.
To enter, run:

distrobox enter bluefin-cli

Starting container...                   	 [ OK ]
Installing basic packages...            	 [ OK ]
Setting up devpts mounts...             	 [ OK ]
Setting up read-only mounts...          	 [ OK ]
Setting up read-write mounts...         	 [ OK ]
Setting up host's sockets integration...	 [ OK ]
Integrating host's themes, icons, fonts...	 [ OK ]
Setting up package manager exceptions...	 [ OK ]
Setting up dpkg exceptions...           	 [ OK ]
Setting up apt hooks...                 	 [ OK ]
Setting up distrobox profile...         	 [ OK ]
Setting up sudo...                      	 [ OK ]
Setting up groups...                    	 [ OK ]
Setting up users...                     	 [ OK ]
Setting up skel...                      	 [ OK ]

Container Setup Complete!

Is this because of the distrobox configuration, or something else?
I know how to fix the missing container, but perhaps others might stumble upon this so wanted to make a note of it.

All in all, stellar job on Bluefin, rock solid and really great experience. Thanks Jorge for telling me about it :slight_smile:


This sounds like a variation of this: ctrl-alt-f doesn't open a fedora terminal · Issue #971 · ublue-os/bluefin · GitHub

Currently we need to create the box before you launch it, otherwise this happens. Perhaps we should find a way to “preship” the config in boxbuddy so you can just click through …

I created a small script to check if the container exists, otherwise create it based on the distrobox.ini file that is shipped with Bluefin right now. Seems to work, but probably not optmized :slight_smile:

if ! distrobox list | grep "bluefin-cli" -q; then
sh -c "[ ! -e /run/.containerenv ] && exec distrobox assemble create --name bluefin-cli --file /etc/distrobox/distrobox.ini"
sh -c "distrobox enter bluefin-cli || /bin/bash"

Awesome thanks, added a link in the issue? How’s everything else going on the system?

Pretty darn good! Snappy, and fun. Been a while since I used a Linux desktop now, and as a result I’m relearning a lot and learning the new and fun tools you include in Bluefin. Keep up the great work!

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Can confirm mine has the same issue. It seems the bluefin-cli container doesn’t persist between bootups. Also, the container that replaces it has a problem that its terminal freezes.

The name of this container actually adopts a previous one I created and has since deleted. If this info helps