Not able to rebase to the signed version of Bazzite-Asus

I’m trying to install the signed version of the Bazzite-Asus image on my ASUS ROG Strix 15. First I installed Silverblue since I heard it can be easier to rebase instead of installing Bazzite outright. Then I did the prepwork in the guide of doing all the appropriate updates and what have you and I rebased to the unsigned version of Bazzite. I could have used any other image like the documentation said, but I figured there was no harm in jumping straight to Bazzite.

Once there I tried to enter the command for rebasing to a signed version of Bazzite-Asus F39. That didn’t work, and neither did the commands for the latest image or the F38 one. In all cases I get two errors in the Grub menu. One says that there’s a bad shim signature and the other that the kernel needs to load first. I tried disabling Secure Boot and that didn’t work either.

As of now I am running the unsigned version of Bazzite but would like to get the ASUS version since it’s got the asusctl package built in. I need that for the backlight keyboard to work.

Any ideas on what I am missing? Will continued to poke around.

Turns out that I didn’t actually have Secure Boot disabled. When I did that and something about the keys with ublue-os I am able to get in. I see that I am using the Asus Linux kernel and that the ROG utility is installed! Re-enabling Secure Boot doesn’t let me back in, though, so I will continue to poke around, but at least I’m on the image I want.

So far I already love this thing. The theme is great, the tools are helpful once you actually load up the DE, I love the logo being used in the launcher (was worried you guys were still using the Steam Deck logo), and I love that I have a backlit keyboard again! And it works even after I suspend!

Can we get a screenshot of the desktop with the asus tool? We need hero shots. :smiley:

Or just toss it in this thread!

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