Newcomer installation problem

I recently updated my main linux ssd and found myself with a spare 120 Gb disk. I had come around a discussion about Bazzite and decided to give it a go, mainly to stop playing through windows. The installation is supposed to require 50 Gb, ample room on my disk, but when I selected the disk the installer said it required 487 Gb ? I suppose I made a mistake somewhere but do not see where.
As a second question, why chose a somewhat heavy desktop environment instead of lean one, for convenience (my guess as Fedora is doing the heavy lifting) or beauty ?
Thanks to all.

Update, I tried once more installation, reclaimed the space used and it worked. I can now test drive it.
[edit] it did work once only, is it because my nvidia video card is below 10 series ?
Is it possible to have it work with an older card, and if so how ?

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