Legion Go - Hyprland for work & Bazzite for play


My comfort level, I have a decent understanding of Linux and I know my way around it.

I just got a Legion Go and in addition to portable gaming I’m planning to use it with a keyboard & mouse as a laptop replacement.

So Bazzite for play & an easy way to launch Hyprland for work.

I was thinking of dual boot but then I saw bazzite-arch and started reading about distrobox, am I barking up the wrong tree?

So what’s the easiest way to setup the Go to let me use Bazzite for portable gaming (with all the Steam Deck style software features & functionality) and Hyprland for everything else?

I don’t really care which distro I run Hyprland on, I’m most familiar with Ubuntu but I’ve also used Debian and Arch.


Bazzite-arch is a container image meant for use in other distros to get some of the bazzite stuff and a ready to go consistent system with steam.

however you will lose everything that makes handhelds work (they need tighter integration with the host system) hence why we do not use bazzite-arch anymore in our images since we had to drop it in the nvidia image due to issues with the nvidia driver and the deck image never had it due to gamemode sessions tight integration with system steam.

so we also dropped it on the desktop image just to unify the solution across the images.

Bazzite-arch is still maintained though as it is still useful for other systems like aurora and bluefin and distros.

For your idea either a dual boot setup (with bazzite as default since you cannot interact with grub using the controllers) or a custom image with your required changes would be best.

You can enable the SDDM login menu in a custom image and it will have access to a touch keyboard (Qt touch keyboard) and you can select the session you want to log in, it will however make “switch to desktop” and “return to gamemode” take you to the SDDM login instead since you have broken the seamless transition by enabling SDDM login again.

Other than this, i cannot really tell you how to achieve what you want with the Legion Go.

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