Issue updating Bazzite

On both my Steam Deck OLED and LCD, my updates are failing at the moment.

Running ujust update has the following error message:

Pulling manifest: ostree-image-signed:docker://
error: Creating importer: Failed to invoke skopeo proxy method OpenImage: remote error: cryptographic signature verification failed: invalid signature when validating ASN.1 encoded signature
System update failed: 
   0: Command failed: `/usr/bin/rpm-ostree upgrade`
   1: `/usr/bin/rpm-ostree` failed: exit status: 1


Hopefully this is fixed soon if the image didn’t get signed properly. If it is not an upstream issue, I could use some help to figure it out.


Same issue, also Desktop keeps crashing since last update :t
It looks like it could be because it’s not signed properly as you said, so same thought here.

Went back to see if the crashing would at least be fixed on x11
I’m on a Desktop PC, and u used the system update button they made.

Team knows about this. Simply a signing mishap. There will be an announcement soon.


Thank you for your time and work!

Please stand by, the team is aware of the issue and we’re fixing things and prepping an announcement.

(Discourse outage was unrelated)


sub’d for updates, obv same issue here

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