Is Layering packages needed for remote desktop clients

Splashtop works on fedora, and I currently have a subscription. It works with fedora and has a .rpm… Is it best to layer this type of application? Will an application like this work in distrobox and look like a native?

Thanks for your help… I know this is a very oddball question, but I thought someone may have tried something similar like teamview, or remote pc…

Thanks again…

Remote Desktop clients works fine in distrobox, flatpak, or most other containerized/wrapped solutions I’ve used, though I’ve mainly used rustdesk and anydesk.

Remote Desktop as host, however, so far requires native rpm install (layer). For TeamViewer, it specifically needs layering because it puts stuff in /opt so it’s not doable in blue build either. Haven’t tried Anydesk host recently, so I don’t know about that. Rustdesk looks promising - there’s some early support for host via Flatpak package, but it’s still WIP for the next release.

So, for now, just layer them, but keep an eye on Rustdesk in the next year or so. Since Anydesk and the likes are used a lot in telecommunication industry and other industries that uses Linux, we might get them fixed up for containerized Wayland Linux sometimes in the next ~2 years or so.

I’m using splashtop. It has an rpm… This is good news so far… I’ll give it a test on a non production machine…
Thanks for your input

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I have used NoMachines several times. Not Open Source but I have used it off and on since about '01 on Linux. There is a Flatpak available. I use it on my iPad and I have used recently on 32 bit 512 mb debian install to login to a more powerful computer.