Intel Arc EGPU and Radeon 740M Hybrid Computation Setting

Hello, It’s me!

How do i run My Intel ARC A750 Titan Sparkle™ Graphics Card with my radcl M740 AGPU in hybride mode? i can just choose in some games if i want to use my EGPU A750 or my AGPU 740M radeon. and in steam it just runs the 740M initially, with no settings mode to change. Farlight 84 for example just runs the 740M AGPU. How do i run both GPU Accelerators in Hybride mode and how do i optimize the workload? occasionally my A750 Titan Sparkle just runs 54% or 70%, 84% max workload on 2400Mhz. the card can run 2600Mhz Boost Clocks, how do i configure this? and how do i install the ubuntu drivers from the intel online tutorial documentation? the DNF and Yum function of Aurora DX™ doesn’t find any of these packages! I made a video showing the A750 rendering Mankind Devided Deus Ex of the problem.

Thank you!


The Intel Documentation: