Installing Applications with ujust on Bazzite

What is ujust?

Shell Scripts (.sh)

Technically ujust is not a package format, but are convenience commands that automate tasks using scripts which can be utilized to install specific software. There are also commands for system configuration and maintenance too included here, so run ujust commands at your own risk.

Using ujust

Open a host terminal and enter:


This will output a list of available commands.

ujust --choose

This will show a terminal user interface of ujust commands that you can choose to execute with arrow keys or mouse input.

Note: Commands that require values or flags do not function with this method.

Manually Entering Commands

Find the command you want to use and enter:

ujust <command>

You can search for specific commands by entering:

ujust | grep "<search keyword(s)>"
  • install-: Install program, there is no configuration or uninstall commands at this time
  • get-: Install an “extension” like Decky plugins, and if it is an extension then it can use get- too
  • setup-: Install program, provides uninstall and configuration options for after install
  • configure-: Configure something that came by default on the image
    • If it must be installed first, then it will be in setup-
  • toggle-: Turns something on/off
    • Selection might be automatic or manual depending on implementation
  • fix-: Fixes, patches or works around an issue
  • distrobox-: Distrobox exclusive verb for useful Distrobox stuff
  • foo: Replace this with whatever the command is called
    • These are shortcuts that we have deemed necessary to not have a verb
      • Examples: ujust update and ujust enroll-secureboot-key

View each ujust script’s source code

If you would like to see what each script does for each command then open a host terminal and enter:

ujust --show <command>

Alternatively, you can find the ujust commands locally in:

Uninstalling Applications Installed Through ujust

Most applications installed via a ujust script would have to be uninstalled manually. Follow the instructions found on the project’s website or repository online to uninstall it properly.

This command Shows layered packages that may be installed from the Bazzite Portal / ujust:

rpm-ostree status

Project Website

See also: Introduction to Just

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