I'm back To Windows 10 LTSC

I’m back To Windows 10 LTSC for the following reasons:

  • VPN provider’s native, feature-rich VPN app isn’t available as flatpak.
  • Free feature-rich PDF editor isn’t available as flatpak. I see only one paid pdf editor, but flatpak package is unverified and come with early pricing.
  • Libreoffice is heavy as flatpak and non-user-friendly.
  • I cannot find any feature-rich screenshot tool.
  • Brave browser “works” with screen flickering issues and delays.
  • Screen tearing when watching some streams.
  • Low speaker volume by default. Audio distortion when I go above 100%.
  • Frequent updates give instability issues, like WIFI disconnect, freezing when typing on keyboard.
  • Fedora + Gnome + flatpaks run heavy and slow VS Debian + Gnome + deb packages / Windows apps
  • I briefly tried Aurora / Fedora + KDE. Aurora runs like less stable Windows 10 LTSC and heavier on resources.