When I saw that my idle laptop had its fans on high and a CPU temp of 80C+, I was wondering what was going on. I opened up Resources and listed the Processes, and was surprised to find duperemove taking more than 6% of CPU time.

Googling says this is a duplicate remover and seems legit but why is it running? And what exactly is it removing behind my back? What are the defaults? Can it be turned off? I’m fine with my home directory being as it is.

Update: duperemove no longer running, and my overall CPU utilization down to 3% and temps down to 47C. Wow, what a huge effect. I do not like it.

It’s for the BTRFS filesystem. You aren’t the first with this issue, but how long does it run for? What drive do you have?

I have a large 2Tb NVME drive.

I have BTRFS drives on all of my machines under distributions, can’t say I noticed that duperemove was run as a default.

I do see this is an optional script – probably should be some way not to have it run by default.