CPU/Case fans not increasing speed as temps go up

I’ve been testing out Bazzite for a week, and love it but I’ve notice my fans where very quite while gaming. I checked the temps and was reaching 100c+, but the fans where not speeding up (maybe staying around 10%-20% speed).
Some things I noticed though is on a fresh reboot fans are blasting at 100% and stay there. If the PC is woken up from being suspended though the fans will have very low rpms and not increase past ~20% speed.

Now this is only happening since I moved over to bazzite. Stock Fedora, Nobara, and I even tried Bluefin and the fans would pick up speed when temps got hot like they’re supposed too and slow down as the cpu gets cooler. So I’m a little confused why on bazzite my fans aren’t speeding up.

I’d rather be on bazzite but for the mean time i’ll be sticking to Bluefin for gaming since i have no clue why my system acts like that on bazzite. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t know what is happening on your system to prevent the BIOS from spinning the fans up, but have you tried the application CoolerControl?

I’m using it on Bazzite and it is, at least for me, the best fan control app I have used on Linux that includes a GUI. There is even a ujust command to install it.

Make sure to run “sudo sensors-detect” before hand though in order to have all the temp and fan-speed sensors scanned and detected. I used the defaults for every choice and it worked perfectly for me, though I would do a little reading on it.

I did but didn’t really go too into tinkering in it. I probably should have tho. Everything looked fine from what i remember. I’ll have to reinstall Bazzite again over the weekend and mess around within the application if im still having problems with my fans.
I’ll read up on it some before so thanks. Hopefully it works outs :crossed_fingers:

I did but didn’t really go too into tinkering in it. I probably should have tho.

Yeah, give it a shot.

It takes a little fiddling to work your way around but it’s worth it. You can rename basically all the rpm and temp sensors so the first thing I did was go through and figure out which fans corresponded to which rpm sensors and labeled them. I then went ahead a created profiles based on the temp sensors I wanted to monitor.

FYI, you can backup your config should you choose to reinstall or switch distros by making a copy of the /etc/coolercontrol folder. Just make sure to re-run “sudo sensors-detect” each time you reinstall.