Deleting KDE/Steam UI on Bazzite, impossible?

Okay, so I got the Home theater version of the distro and I do like it, the problem is that now I have my pc at my desk again, and I really don’t need it. that also being said, I installed hyprland I noticed that that either kde or the steam deck ui is still using my resources, so is there a way I can safely remove either the steam deck ui and/or kde to squeeze a little bit more of my ram?

I am also aware that may defeat the purpose of the Home Theatre ISO, but I don’t also want to reinstall games either.

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If you want to switch to a regular image, go to the Bazzite website. Fill out the questionnaire, but this time choose ‘Desktop.’ Answer the other questions the same way. Then, instead of clicking on ‘New users,’ follow the instructions for ‘Existing Fedora Atomic Desktop Users.’

Open a terminal and enter:

rpm-ostree rebase ostree-image-signed:docker://

This rebases to the Desktop edition while keeping user data. Wait for it to finish and reboot. This still keeps KDE Plasma, we don’t have a hyprland version.

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