Constant Tailscaled CPU usage? I haven't even set up any VPN

I’m getting constant CPU consumption (usually a constant 0.3% to 3%, but it varies) from something callsed Tailscaled (/sbin/tailscaled). What’s weird is that my only search says it’s some VPN client, but I did not set up any kind of VPN.

Any ideas what this is doing and whether I can just safetly turn it off? I don’t want it hurting battery life if I can help it.

EDIT: It’s now pretty quiet, but it sometimes goes up again for a period of time. I’m not sure what causes it.

I’m not sure about disabling the actual daemon, but you can disable the shell extension from the extension manager:

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systemctl disable --now tailscaled will stop the service, that’s probably what’s taking up resources, we’re in progress of setting up a toggle, testing here would be appreciated!

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I ran this command on my main laptop. I also have an older laptop I’m happy to test with! I’ll test that PR tomorrow. I don’t know what ujust is, but I’ll figure it out.

We use just to run the scripts for convenience commands:

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