Bazzite Waydroid Setup Guide

NOTE: Waydroid does not work on Nvidia’s proprietary drivers, and requires an AMD or Intel GPU for the best results.

Waydroid gives users access to an Android container.

First-time Setup

Open a host terminal and enter this command to setup Waydroid:

ujust setup-waydroid

Initialize Waydroid

Waydroid requires users to initialize it for the first time which can be done by selecting:
Initialize Waydroid

Make sure this worked by entering this command:


This will launch Waydroid for the first time.

Configure Waydroid

Part 1: Stop Waydroid Session

Waydroid needs to stop running to configure properly.

Open a host terminal and enter this command:

waydroid session stop

Part 2: Configuration

Open a host terminal and enter this command:

ujust setup-waydroid

Selecting Configure Waydroid will allow users to install additional Android tweaks with the Waydroid Extras Scripts.

  1. Select Android Version (Android 11 recommended)
  2. Select items to install
    a) GApps (Default Android applications including the Google Play Store)
    b) microG (Free alternatives to Google applications) (you cannot use GApps with microG)
    c) ARM Translation (libndk for AMD CPUs & libhoudini for Intel CPUs)
    d) Magisk (Android power user suite)
    e) Logitech Smartdock Support (Currently broken)
    f) F-Droid Privileged Extension (Proper F-Droid support)
    g) widevine (Support for video streaming DRM)

Get Google Device ID to Get Certified

  1. Launch Waydroid
    (Waydroid must be running)

  2. After selecting your current Android version, select Get Google Device ID to Get Certified especially if you plan to use the Google Play Store (GApps).

  3. Follow the instructions in the terminal output.

After verification has happened, it will usually take a while before your device is verified.

Add as a Non-Steam Shortcut

This is useful for Bazzite images that use Gaming Mode.

Make sure to add the .desktop shortcut in /usr/bin/waydroid-launcher for Waydroid to work properly in Gaming Mode.

Waydroid Hybrid Graphics Fix

Note: This is only intended for users who have multiple GPUs in their hardware who experience graphical corruptions in Waydroid.

Enter in a host terminal:

ujust setup-waydroid

Then Select GPU for Waydroid which will give the option on what GPU to utilize for Waydroid to fix graphical corruptions.

Resolution & Density Options

Note: This is intended for users who have issues with Waydroid’s resolution, scaling, or running Waydroid nested. This is optional.

Open a host terminal and enter the following commands:

sudoedit /etc/default/waydroid-launcher
sudoedit /etc/default/steamos-nested-desktop

Save the text files when done.

Reset Waydroid

Warning: You will lose all of your Waydroid data.

If you experience issues or want a fresh Waydroid container, then select Reset Waydroid after entering:

ujust setup-waydroid

Documentation Contributors: Kyle Gospo, Gecked-Deck, Nathaniel Warburton, and Jorge Castro

See also: Upstream documentation

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@nicknamenamenick you rock! thanks a lot!

@nicknamenamenick, how would I do that in Bluefin?
❯ ujust setup-waydroid error: Justfile does not contain recipe setup-waydroid
How can I add it?
Thanks :slight_smile:

How to setup multi windows support? I want to use apps on my desktop, as system apps.

I tried this command:

“waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.multi_windows true”

It doesnt work. Apps are just not showing anymore.