Bazzite Initial Setup and Installation Guide

Important Installation Notes:

  • A physical wired keyboard is required.
  • Create a User Account with a username and a user password.
  • The installer may automatically select all the available drives in your device to install on.
    • Make sure to only select the appropriate drives to avoid losing data on others, and it is best practice to safely remove any external drives before proceeding.
  • Secure Boot is supported on most hardware, but you must enroll our key.
    • Detailed after choosing hardware below.

Choose Your Hardware:

*Indicates that Steam Gaming Mode is intended for this device and ships with the ISO.

Issues Installing Bazzite?

View the Troubleshooting Guide for installation workarounds.

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What are the setting to use in Rufus? I could not get the image to boot, so obviously I created the bootable USB wrong.

I am not actually that familiar with Rufus and currently do not have access to a Windows installation, or have hardware capable of running it in a VM. However I can recommend trying to flash the ISO again with Balena Etcher or Fedora Media Writer. Both have Windows ports.

I installed Bazzite with the root option enabled (didn’t RTFM). Is that going to be a problem?

You should be fine, but if you start noticing major issues I would backup and reinstall. If you setup a user with a password, then it should be fine. Root privileges are not really needed with a system like this.

We wouldn’t offer the option, but post-installation user setup is only available currently in GNOME, so we have to include user setup in the installer and that requires the option of a root account in the Anaconda installer.

I have a couple questions. I’ve installed on my ROG ally and all is well except it doesn’t sleep properly. The fans are still on? Also is there a way to turn off CPU boost?


I’ve installed on my ROG ally and all is well except it doesn’t sleep properly. The fans are still on?

That issue is sporadic and we’re looking into it. These sleep issues may be related to other issues when dual booting Windows on the Ally. I’m not sure if you did that, but there’s also been reports that network issues have occurred on Bazzite if you didn’t shut down properly on Windows on the Ally, and that may be related to your sleep issues.

Also is there a way to turn off CPU boost?

CPU Boost does not work with Bazzite regardless. We use the new AMD scheduler which doesn’t have support for using CPU Boost anyways. You can read more about that here:

My new Onexplayer X1 (Intel Ultra 155h) just arrived today, installed Bazzite (Handheld Deck version) and when Game Mode, Steam looks flipped to left 90°. Any mode to put it on landscape?

Can you open an issue here and be sure to fill out the Hardware section? A picture of the device’s rotation would also help. Thanks!

Just reported here :wink:

Keyboard an Mouse doesnt Work in Setup assistent . Steam Deck

Wired keyboard/mouse? Which Steam Deck model?

Wired Keyboard and Mouse
Steam Deck LCD

Are you sure your USB hub is powered and working correctly with the mouse/keyboard outside of the installer?

Yes, it works outside of the installer. I can still select the USB stick using the keyboard, but then there is no recognition except for the touchscreen.

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Does the tab key work in the installer for navigation at all?

Nope, it doesnt work

FYI the anchor link at the top of the post regarding rebasing doesn’t work. Should direct here: Bazzite Initial Setup and Installation Guide

TLDR of that is just run the new ujust _install-system-flatpaks after the rebase to get the distro’s opinionated flatpaks installed. That’s a new feature from the pull request just merged today: feat: add command to support rebasing by noelmiller · Pull Request #989 · ublue-os/bazzite · GitHub

This is a certified Discourse moment. When you open up the document from the “Docs” section, it works: Bazzite Initial Setup and Installation Guide

But when you open it in the thread or “view discussion” then it will load the doc page and you would have to click it again. It’s kind of silly, I’m aware.

I was also in a middle of a editing the installation guide in a draft here, and when I went to reply to you it opened up my installation guide draft. Platform has some quirks to it sometimes.

Thanks for adding that command. I haven’t been catching up with the new ISO stuff.