Bazzite 2.5.0 Update Released

Bazzite 2.5.0 released

Update: The torrent file is dead. RIP

Bazzite 3.0 is on the way, but it is important to highlight some of the changes for our last major update using Fedora 39. Current users can update to this latest build and ISOs on our website are refreshed to this build. This is not a Bazzite Buzz newsletter, but a mini announcement for this major update.

ISO Improvements

The new installation process in the newest ISO has added some elements that will save new users time. These changes include:

  • The long initramfs setup is removed as it is now part of the image.
    • Current users who have not customized initramfs should run this command in a host terminal after upgrading to 2.5.0 to speed up future updates:
      • rpm-ostree initramfs --disable
  • Pre-installed Flatpak applications are now included in the installer, so no more waiting at first-boot for them to install.
  • Bazzite torrent is now available.
    • The ISO is now available as a torrent file to download from our website thanks to qoijjj.

Handheld Improvements

  • Added hhd-adjustor.
  • Lenovo Legion Go and ASUS ROG Ally auto-VRAM issues are now resolved.
  • Added a dependency required for EmuDeck.
  • There is also now a Handheld Wiki page for supported handheld PC devices.
    • Contributions are welcome!

Onward to Fedora 40 and Bazzite 3.0

The next Bazzite Buzz will cover all of the new features from both the current 2.5.0 and upcoming 3.0.0 updates in detail as a monthly progress report. Bazzite is on the way to upgrading to Fedora 40 which will feature upstream updates later this month including an updated kernel, GPU drivers, and major desktop environment updates with KDE Plasma 6 and GNOME 46 being part of this new release.

Upgrading Bazzite

  • Current users can upgrade to the newest builds by updating their system and rebooting.
  • User-installed applications will also be upgraded in the process.
  • Updating may take a while and is dependent on your internet download speed and the performance of the drive Bazzite is installed on.

Desktop Images

  • Desktop images usually auto-update once per day and apply on a reboot, but if you are impatient and want the update now, then open the new System Update tool.
  • Alternatively, open the terminal and enter:
ujust update

Wait for it to finish, then reboot to be on the latest Bazzite build.

Handheld/HTPC Images

In Gaming Mode, open:
Steam Menu > Settings > System > Check for Updates

Alternatively, use the steps above for “Desktop Images” in Desktop Mode.

Installing Bazzite

New to the project? Read our FAQ before proceeding. Install the latest Bazzite here. Read our Installation Guide on how to install Bazzite properly on your device. Read the documentation regarding handhelds and HTPC setups if you plan to use Steam Gaming Mode with Bazzite.

Community Resources



  • New ISO install experience with Flatpaks now included.
  • Removal of initramfs building at first boot thanks to new in-image generation. Existing users who haven’t customized initramfs can run rpm-ostree initramfs --disable after updating to speed up future updates.
  • Add auto-vram kargs for Legion GO and ASUS Ally (d8f450c)
  • Add copr helper (df62cd6)
  • Add ISO torrents via, huge thanks to @qoijjj for all the work on this (#933) (022bf16)
  • Add Nobara USB Polling Rate Patch (#964) (f349a39)
  • Add pre-image initramfs generation, preload fido2, tpm2-tss, and clevis (f9b4ef9)
  • add readme for how to trigger initramfs rebuild (6834f49)
  • Add setroubleshoot by default, with alerts disabled (142e573)
  • Add support for midi in Lutris (5403679)
  • Add udica for generating SELinux policies for containers (b18c31b)
  • deck: add tdpfix for cards that has 15W TDP on boot due to writable sysfs on boot (#892) (0bbd9a5)
  • gamescope: Add HDR patch for Kernel 6.8 (f8ad9ab)
  • just: add warning message for looking-glass shm creation. (1700ea7)
  • just: Enable virtualization for deck hardware (#895) (2139735)
  • just: update recipe to edit tuned default profile using ppd.conf (#907) (eed757d)
  • remove custom rpm-ostree initramfs arg support (c8dc6d8)
  • Remove initramfs step that takes a long time on first startup (b48a3ec)
  • Switch yafti to use the new Solaar flatpak (020060e)
  • update image label with actual kernel version (#924) (2bbdf25)
  • Use new Nvidia install script (a692a2f)
  • Use zstd compression for initramfs (6592377)

Bug Fixes

  • Add lsb_release package for EmuDeck (2c8bfc3)
  • Add missing sqlite package for duperemove, fixes #959 (5403679)
  • ally: Fix a bug where the power drains when the device is fully powered off caused by the fingerprint reader. (f5f0334)
  • Correct issue with hhd being enabled on root, add HHD adjustor package. (929cee4)
  • Correct issues with newest version of distrobox (bae2fae)
  • deck: Restore all settings in restore-gnome-de-settings ujust command on deck images (89ca085)
  • deck: Skip the first update in gaming mode on new installs (5eede45)
  • gamescope: add backport (#967) (45a8e4a)
  • gnome: Disable joystickwake on GNOME until lock screen issue can be triaged and fixed. (57f144f)
  • Install firmware on all images, allows desktop images to be used on some handhelds (with caveats) (a5a7b95)
  • kde: Update gtk4 package for Ptyxis (0109f9a)
  • Pull in s76 scheduler fixes from fruitchewy (b60b1e6)
  • readme: Remove Dual Boot documentation (#969) (5bd73aa)
  • remove clevis from dracut.conf.d (977321b)
  • Remove unneeded file checks from hardware setup (7133fc7)
  • Remove unneeded secure boot message (7a3a9c1)
  • Use balanced-no-pstate profile on CPUs that don’t support a pstate governor. (1dcda86)
  • Use Ptyxis from ublue-os/staging copr (a1d47b0)
  • Use xone driver as canary for secure boot check (6113650)