Ayaneo Geek 1S/2S Linux/Bazzite support is already almost there, let's add them to the officially supported devices

According to my experience Ayaneo Geek 1S literally needs just one device quirk to be viable/officially supported as I detailed here.

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I noticed this post has been added to the “Community report” session of Handheld wiki so I decided to keep it updated in the post comments.

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Ayaneo Geek 1S

Status: Gold

You will need this command for functional HHD:

sudo systemctl enable --now hhd@$(whoami)

Post-Installation Setup

  • Open a host terminal and enter the following commands:
    • ujust setup-decky for Decky Loader (This can also be installed in the Bazzite Portal)
  • Optional: ujust setup-decky hhd-decky for Handheld Dameon.
    • HHD’s overlay is built-in but the Decky plugin exists if you prefer this method. HDD’s support of both LEDs and Gyroscope is fine out of the box (with bmi260 from ublue-os/akmod).
  • Install the CSS Loader Decky Plugin.
  • Virtual keyboard is Steam’s keyboard, but needs to be setup in Steam’s settings in Desktop Mode. (See “Desktop Controls” section below)

Workarounds / Known Issues

Fedora 40 with kernel 6.8.7-302.fsync.fc40.x86_64

  • Screen rotation is fixed with rpm-ostree kargs --append-if-missing=video=eDP-1:panel_orientation=right_side_up or editing the kernel command line with rpm-ostree kargs --editor.
  • Audio driver does work but needs to adjusted to support the 3.5mm jack
    • Either install this rpm package that i created using this guide.
    • Or Since ALC269VB is an audio chipset that has been around for years it just need its pins to be rerouted with hdajackretask (part of fedora’s alsa-tools) package. You basically need to reroutem the autogenerated “green headset” and “black headset” devices to “Channel 30 & 31”. I created a RPM package using .
    • External audio works over both HDMI and EGPU.
  • Suspend is not working, the screen stays up and the fans spins, the device only supports S2IDLE and needs to be investigated more with this tool.
  • VRAM size option is missing from BIOS as it’s controlled by AYASPACE application under windows.

External Graphics:

  • EGPU Thunderbolt 3/4 over USB4 is supported. USB4 enclosure needs proper testing but there is no reason to suspect it should not work.
    • AMD:
      - Automatic switch at boot with all-ways-egpu works fine using method 2 and 3 at boot, unfortunately method 1 is not supported but seems to be related to gamescope session itself. The script needs to be installed with Steam Deck/User Installation.
      - In order to boot with EGPU attached you need to add a kernel parameter, seems to be related to this kernel issue. There are many other issues opened and according to this it could be potentially fixed in kernel 6.9. As a temporary solution booting with EGPU connected works when launching the command rpm-ostree kargs --append-if-missing=video=pci=nommconf or editing the kernel command line with rpm-ostree kargs --editor.
    • NVIDIA: currently untested

Things to do:

  • Submit hdajackretask pins upstream (alsa?), if anyone with more experience can help me me understand the process it would be amazing. I used linux for 15 years and I only had to file 1 bug upstream.
  • Debugging sleep I started with amd2sidle and reported on the amd repository but I am not sure it’s right Here

U.S. Keyboard Caveat

Just a quick tip if someone wanted to try it, the EFIshell you use is expecting a U.S. keyboard layout so you won’t easily find the " : " and " \ " that you need for launching Smokeless. In my Italian layout it’s SHIFT+o (for " : " ) and < ( for " \ ")

I updated the ChimeraOS wiki with Ayaneo Geek 1s supported models. I think we only need Ayaneo to acknowledge this and eventually fix it.


Thank you for this. I added a modified version of this to the Handheld Wiki and linked this as an external resource for more information and updates. I did lower the status to “Silver” due to the broken sleep functionality.

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Yes, I originally put Silver into it but then I decided that it was WAYYY better than I expected but reading a your wiki I guess silver is more appropriate. I just point out that I emailed Ayaneo in the hope that they fix the Bios on their side for properly supporting sleep as stated here.

In the mean time would any of the dev kindly point me to the right place to report for the snd-hda-intel quirk/hdajackretask fix? I honestly reported one single bug upstream in many years as I always bought fully supported hardware and I don’t have the slightest idea of how to do it. This is the first device that I truly love since ages and paired with your system is something that I have been dreaming for years.

Hi, i really appreciate the effort you put into this. I also have an Geek 1s but personally i will wait until everything is working before i make the jump.

I just came here to let you know, the guys on the chimera os discord managed to get sleep properly working on ayaneo devices by editing something in the bios. You have to edit something with smokeless, but that was a little to deep for me so i havent tried it. But you can search it up on the ayaneo channel on their discort. Hope that helps as a little push in the right direction.

Thanks and keep up the great work

Thank you for the hint . They published a wiki post detailing the process and, while risky it shouldn’t be too difficult. I guess the same thing can be achieved modifying with other Ami bios editor. Since it’s literally a single switch as suggested by Mario Limioncini from AMD I really see no reason for Ayaneo to not release a Bios update. I will keep posted in case they ever reply to my email.

BTW there is no reason to withdraw from Linux as a whole on this device if you can live without sleep.
Everything is working or easily fixable. I can submit a device quirk for bazzite, the same ways the devs fix rotation and VRAM on ROG ally or legion go, but I don’t think it does make sense untill a report had been made for the also audio driver and the fix is upstream.

Thanks for wiki post, didn’t know it existed. For me a proper sleep is crucial. But i think you have convinced me to try it again. Just been holding back because a complete change from windows takes time to transfer all data and time is very limited on my end :grinning:The audio for me is not that important because i always use bluetooth headphones.

Hope Aya neo will make that official so that everyone can benefit.

I confirmed the suspend method on the chimeraOS method is working, you can read the amd2sidle report on the issue i opened. Just a quick tip if someone wanted to try it, the EFIshell you use is expecting a US keyboard layout so you won’t easily find the " : " and " \ " that you need for launching Smokeless. In my italian layout it’s SHIFT+o (for " : " ) and < ( for " \ ")
I updated the ChimeraOS wiki with Ayaneo Geek 1s supported models. I think we only need Ayaneo to aknowledge this and eventually fix it.

@nicknamenamenick I think linking such method on the official wiki might be a little too much but would you consider editing POST #3 with this method? I am not able to do it anymore. Feel free to modify it as you wish.

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Yeah I can edit, and as for the upstream stuff, I would look into the Bazzite issue tracker and adding all of the details there since that may help give it more attention.

We also use this repo specifically for drivers (that do not conflict with other hardware). Although I wouldn’t advise pull requesting anything yet.

It’s fine if you don’t have one, but do you have a Discord? Maybe make a thread about all of this here since maintainers usually read that first, and a lot of contributors in the handheld scene look there instead of here unfortunately. I understand if you don’t want to make an account or join it though.

I actually had a discord account since 2016 and I am already part of Universal-Blue discord server but I always used discord for gaming with friends. I will open a thread on your discord soon. Thanks for the tip.

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I’ll root for the project to reach Platinum. I really wanted to install the system, but unfortunately, I don’t understand enough to venture into installing it now. I’ve bookmarked this page and will check it from time to time. I hope you guys succeed :pray:t2:

It will take a lot of effort and TIME for this to reach platinum. It will need Ayaneo to release an updated Bios, if they ever aknowledge the issue. If you want to try it out you can install it on an usb!

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I don’t think I have enough knowledge for that. Could you make it dual boot and install the entire system on a micro SD card?

Yes. It’s the same. You can write the bazzite installation medium on a USB and then install the whole system on a MicroSD card. There is a detailed guide on the bazzite wiki. Keep in mind the handheld is just like any regular laptop if you are familiar with installing linux on any machine it should be almost the same. You need an usb keyboard and on some distro you need to select the “safe video mode installation” (the actual names are different among distributions) because otherwise the screen might be rotated and out of reach. Be sure to read and understand the wiki correctly and maybe watch some videos if it’s the first time.

Thank you very much, I’ll try. Actually, I’ve never installed anything on Linux, I only used to install Windows, but I’ll give it a try. Thank you very much indeed.

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Thank you very much for sharing, I installed it and I’m really enjoying it. But I have a few questions in case someone knows the answers:

  • Do we need to download video drivers for AMD 7840u?
  • In desktop mode, are there any programs to use the controller as a mouse?
  • The button that calls the virtual keyboard isn’t working on mine.

Hello, amdgpu is the default driver and is the best for gaming as of right know. It’s included in most distribution. No need to worry.

There are programs to do so but the best way is to keep steam running in desktop mode and change the controller mode into steam as per the Wiki

To call the virtual button is steam + B on steam deck, so it’s the big button on the right + B for us. But you need to have enabled handheld daemon. Did you enabled HDD at boot?

Hello, I enabled the HDD. The only thing I didn’t do was install the sound output through the 3.5mm. I’ll try this solution of keeping Steam running in desktop mode. Thank you very much.