Advanced (terminal) file manager - What are the options?

Hello everyone. I am switching to Bluefin and I have noticed that on Flathub there are not many “advanced” file managers, such as Double Commander I have been using until now. To be more specific I mean file managers with features like double (multiple) panels, keyboard controls, (S)FTP, and similar. One of the features I miss the most are the previews and Gnome-sushi apparently does not work on Fedora Silveblue and its derivatives.
Currently, I am having a look at terminal file managers, rather than using file manager in a toolbox. Considering the specific properties with UBlue and its derivatives (Brew, immutability, etc.), I would like to ask for recommendations. Particularly, if there are any file managers that work well with Bluefin defaults. For example, I would like keep compatibility with Ptyxis terminal, rather than switch to something like Kitty for image in terminal support.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • I am going to try superfile, but any recommendations still welcome.
  • Gnome sushi in Bluefin default installation, but I still need to find what is causing problems with it on my PC. I will update this post once I find the solution to the Gnome sushi problem, in case anyone has similar problem.

I’m really enjoying Superfile.

brew install superfile - the binary name is different though, it’s spf:


I’m not sure where this info is from but we’ve been rocking with gnome sushi for a long time, it’s included by default and works great.

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Thank you, so much. It is good to know that it works on Bluefin. superfile was on my shortlist, but the comments about is dependencies were a bit discouraging.

There are no dependencies, it’s a single go binary.

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Sorry for posting incorrect information, I newer really used Gnome sushi that much and when I tried it it did not work and some outdated discussions online suggested so.
Only now I noticed, that the default way of starting it via space works only on local files and does not work on files on external media. There must be some problem, because systems journal is getting

JS Error: Failed to query default handler for file:///...

Yeah not sure on that one, might need some spelunking in the sushi bug tracker or maybe it’s a permission issue or something.

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I’ve really enjoyed using lf, though yazi intrigues me because of its built-in image preview support and scrollable file preview functionality

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I always come back to the classic: midnight-commander
You can install it with rpm-ostree or brew.
Here is a good YouTube video demonstrating a lot of it’s features.


Thank you for all the recommendations, I will give try to them as well.

As for the image previews, what seems to be the issue is that Ptyxis as a terminal based on VTE does not support it (Sixel implementation tracker (#253) · Issues · GNOME / vte · GitLab). If I understand correctly the usual fallback is the ueberzugpp, I tried installing it via brew, but its build fails on some issues with cli11 dependencies. I still need to read more about brew in order to be able to fix this.

Sorry, if I am going slightly out of topic, but I still see benefit from the discussion to new users of Bluefin.
Also I am still somewhat new to Ptyxis, before Bluefin I used Terminology which has image and even video previews built-in.

Tons of options inside of brew.

We currently default to ptyxis and like you saw it does not support sixel, undercurl, or ligatures. What is does support is podman containers in an extremely fluid manner and has a graphical configuration.

If you want those more advanced features you can look at other terminals. One of them that supports everything is wezterm and can be configured with Lua to mimic the container integration. It is available in flathub, but layering it is preferable.

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