ZFS for Bluefin

Any chance of getting -ZFS images of bluefin available, similar to ucore?

Ultimately, I’d like to move towards a root on ZFS solution, with zfsbootmenu.org instead of grub, and snapshots used to create boot environments that you can rollback from if required.

Justification: My broader homelab environment uses ZFS everywhere, and i use ZFS replication from all my machines to my NAS for backups.

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I’d love to have this, the major problem is Fedora’s aggressive kernel cadence would lead to us having broken builds when they land new kernels while we wait for openzfs to catch up.

We’re investigating using slower cadenced kernels following what CoreOS does, once we land this then adding zfs should be more feasible:


While I have this thread open, I might as well ask - what’s the main benefit of using ZFS over Btrfs anyways? I know there are some, but I don’t know the meaningful difference that makes people prefer one over the other.

(In my experience) ZFS tooling is way better, it’s far better tested, and it’s multi-disk story is way more complete. It’s come more from the enterprise NAS world, where you have many disks and need reliability and consistent performance.


I have never had any issue with ZFS. I did have to recover data from a BtrFS volume that decided to be in a broken state on a USB drive, I don’t even know what caused it; possibly a power outage.

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For normal Linux gamer user, btrfs shouldn’t be a problem though, right?

I only really care about snapshot and easy access from Windows dual-boot (idk why but for some reason it’s easier to just use winbtrfs over trying to read ext4).

BTRFS is plenty reliable enough most of the time (there has been some trouble around certain raid (multi-drive) configurations in the past, under fairly specific circumstances).

To my knowledge BTRFS is plenty sorted for most use cases, checksumming and snapshots, and reflinks are useful features over ext4 without major pitfalls there that I’m aware of.

As for the ZFS side of things it’s the filesystem I have the greatest confidence in for my NAS, I run Proxmox on my NAS because I trust them not to break ZFS and don’t feel like going through manual configuration there to deal with kernel modules and whatnot.

Don’t think there’s really any mainstream Linux filesystem that I would trust less than NTFS, but of course it’s still wise to have decent backups in case of hardware failure or being super unlucky somehow and ending up with a broken filesystem.


I still trust using BtrFS over just Ext4. All my root partitions on my servers, desktops, laptops (anything running Fedora or an atomic image) will use BtrFS.

I would say just be careful with USB drives that are always on. Maybe don’t use USB drives for a server. :sweat_smile:

Also, even though I couldn’t mount the drive normally, I didn’t lose any data. It just had to be put in a read-only recovery and transferred to another drive.